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Save Money

Your business is important to us and as such we offer affordable business rates to our business customers.

Fixed Rate

Stay in control of your operating costs by securing a fixed rate service, giving you peace of mind month to month.

Simplified Billing

Take the hassel out of paying your account and use our direct debit service by card or EFT.

We Care

We know that not everything goes to plan. If you need to make changes just get in touch to discuss your needs.

Nappys & Wipes Saved From Landfill by Our Place Early Learning Googong

As At March 2019

Freequently Asked Questions


Which regions do you service in Canberra?

You’re in luck! We service the whole of the Canberra Region and most surrounding suburbs. Still not sure? Just give us a call.


Is Conder House enviromentally friendly?

Conder House only uses bio-degradable chemicals, ensuring our enviromental impact is as low as possible.


What standard do you wash to?

We wash everything in accordance with AS/NZS 4146:2000 and meet all requierments for the sanitisation standard(s).


Are you flexible with pickup and drop off times?

Yes, we are! Just get in touch with us as soon as you know you need a change and we will work with you to meet your schedule.


Can I adjust my plan when my needs change?

Absolutely, just give us a call and we discuss your needs and to adjust your plan to something that fit’s your needs.

More Services

Laundry Services

Our Laundry Service caters to clients who want to use their own linen or simply need their clothes washed.

Linen Services

Our Linen Service offers a range of quality, home-styled bedroom and bathroom linen. Throws, cloths and more.

Ironing Services

Let our staff iron your garments or linen to give it that freshly ironed, perfect finish with our Ironing Services.


Couldn’t recommend more highly! Wonderful service, have managed everything my household of 7 has thrown at them, and with a smile too. If you are thinking about using Conder House, don’t hesitate!

Started using Conder laundry & linen service a few weeks ago. I use the cloth nappies and couldn’t be more pleased! The nappies are easy to use soft around my 3 month olds legs and tummy. Keeps him almost 100% dry as the material keeps the liquid away from his skin. Never had any leaks and can’t believe how easy it is, I don’t need to do anything nappies are dropped off and used ones are picked up. Would definitely recommend!

I found the cleaned nappies really clean. I couldn’t have done it to that level myself and honestly trying to even wash nappies along with everything else i tried to keep running in first 6 weeks would have driven me mad… the cleaning service is the god send of this product offer.

Conder House Laundry & Linen Service Pty Ltd

ABN: 86 615 986 171