On-Demand Laundry, Linen, Ironing & Nappy Services. We Come to You!

Conder House is the only Canberra based small business that provides a barrier laundry that is accessible by the general public. Barrier laundries are designed and equipped with the technology required to ensure the best defence against micro-organisms and cross infection.

Laundry Services

Our Laundry Service caters to clients who want to use their own linen or simply need their clothes washed.

Linen Services

Our Linen Service offers a range of quality bedroom and bathroom linen.

Ironing Services

Let our staff iron your garments to give it that freshly ironed, perfect finish with our Ironing Services.

Nappy Services

Take the hassle out of cloth nappies by using our Modern Cloth Nappy Service. Includes pick-up and delivery.

Nappies Saved From Landfill

At 30 October 2021



Early Learning Centres

Are you a business in need of affordable laundry services that can meet your laundry and linen needs? Conder House provides professional barrier laundry services to businesses in the Canberra Region.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Enviromentally Friendly

Conder House only uses bio-degradable chemicals, ensuring our enviromental impact is as low as possible.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Don’t worry about the hassle of dropping off your laundry, we’ll come to you.


Couldn’t recommend more highly! Wonderful service, have managed everything my household of 7 has thrown at them, and with a smile too. If you are thinking about using Conder House, don’t hesitate!

Started using Conder laundry & linen service a few weeks ago. I use the cloth nappies and couldn’t be more pleased! The nappies are easy to use soft around my 3 month olds legs and tummy. Keeps him almost 100% dry as the material keeps the liquid away from his skin. Never had any leaks and can’t believe how easy it is, I don’t need to do anything nappies are dropped off and used ones are picked up. Would definitely recommend!

I found the cleaned nappies really clean. I couldn’t have done it to that level myself and honestly trying to even wash nappies along with everything else i tried to keep running in first 6 weeks would have driven me mad… the cleaning service is the god send of this product offer.

Conder House Laundry & Linen Service Pty Ltd

ABN: 86 615 986 171


Adult Face Masks$17.99 plus postage

Conder House is pleased to announce that our Adult Face Masks are now available. 

Orders may now be placed, just give us a call, email or message us on Facebook.

Standard Postage $8.95 | Express Postage $11.95