Modern Cloth Nappy Service

Baby in the house? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. Pick Your Plan

Choose a weekly or weekend service. Call us to discuss your requirements and make your initial payment.

2. We Provide Training

Our Nappy Service Relationship Manager will drop off your first bag of nappies and provide you with training on how to use them. 

3. We Pickup & Wash

We pick up the soiled nappies on Mondays and Fridays. Be sure to have your bag out by your front door by 9 am. 

4. We Drop Off

We’ll drop off a new bag of clean and sanitised nappies when we collect the soiled nappies.

Join The Waitlist

Woah, we’re getting a lot of interest in our Modern Cloth Nappy Service! If you need the service now, or later on please join our waitlist and we will contact you in due course.

We’ve got you covered!

Why Conder House Modern Cloth Nappy Service?

Disposable nappies take 300-500 years to decompose in landfill. By using modern cloth nappies, together we will divert approximately 5,500 disposable nappies entering landfill per child.

Our Nappy Service is designed to take all the hassle out of nappies for you. We’ll drop off clean nappies and take your dirty ones away.

It’s all about making it easier to get on with the important things!

Nappies Saved From Landfill

At 30 October 2021




Modern Cloth Nappy Service

Conder House strives to provide the best customer service possible. Please ensure you read our service terms and conditions.

7 Days A Week Service


Per Week

Weekend Service 


Per Weekend

Frequently Asked Questions


Which regions do you service in Canberra?

We service the whole of Canberra and most surrounding suburbs.


Are you flexible with pickup and drop off times?

Our delivery and pick up processes are contactless, leaving you to get on with the important things in life. 


What standard do you wash to?

We wash everything in accordance with AS/NZS 4146:2000 and meet all requirements for the sanitisation standard(s).


How will I know when to expect my first Modern Cloth Nappy Service Delivery?

Every new customer will liaise with our Nappy Service Relationship Manager prior to delivery of your first bag. At this time you can discuss your delivery and training requirements. It will also give you the opportunity to ask any further questions that you may have.


Is Conder House enviromentally friendly?

Every business has an environmental footprint. We have processes in place that reduce it as much as possible. We only use bio-degradable chemicals and we have a solar system that is large enough to provide all of our daytime electricity usage. We also provide linen bags and nappy pail liners to clients to reduce the use of plastic bags.


What type/brand of nappy do you supply?

Conder House has its own branded nappies. They are known as ‘pocket nappies’ as there is a pocket at the top of the nappy that holds the insert. The water-resistant outer fabric is made from polyester with a polyurethane laminate. We supply five pastel colours (pink, blue, yellow, purple and green). We also mix it up by providing holiday print nappies during Christmas, Easter, Halloween and St Valentine’s Day. The inside of the nappy has a soft polyester suede inner which wicks the moisture away from the skin. The inserts, which hold the fluids are a combination of microfibre and bamboo.

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Couldn’t recommend more highly! Wonderful service, have managed everything my household of 7 has thrown at them, and with a smile too. If you are thinking about using Conder House, don’t hesitate!

Started using Conder laundry & linen service a few weeks ago. I use the cloth nappies and couldn’t be more pleased! The nappies are easy to use soft around my 3 month olds legs and tummy. Keeps him almost 100% dry as the material keeps the liquid away from his skin. Never had any leaks and can’t believe how easy it is, I don’t need to do anything nappies are dropped off and used ones are picked up. Would definitely recommend!

I found the cleaned nappies really clean. I couldn’t have done it to that level myself and honestly trying to even wash nappies along with everything else i tried to keep running in first 6 weeks would have driven me mad… the cleaning service is the god send of this product offer.

Conder House Laundry & Linen Service Pty Ltd

ABN: 86 615 986 171


Adult Face Masks$17.99 plus postage

Conder House is pleased to announce that our Adult Face Masks are now available. 

Orders may now be placed, just give us a call, email or message us on Facebook.

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