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Don’t wait for cloth nappies to be regulated in the ACT.

Secure your supply of Modern Cloth Nappies (MCNs) now!

Training and Support

Receive ongoing training and support from our Nappy Service Relationship Manager to assist with the establishment and maintenance of your unique business processes.

Waste Reduction

Disposable nappies take 300-500 years to decompose in landfill. Cloth nappies reduce your service’s environmental footprint and your waste disposal costs.

Early Years Learning Framework for Australia

Meet Learning Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world. We will provide you with doll nappies so you can incorporate cloth nappies into your curriculum, providing the children with access to natural materials rather than single use plastics. This will develop their awareness of the impact of human activity on the environment.

National Quality Standard

Meet elements 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 of Quality Area 3 – Physical Environment. By utilising multiple use equipment, you will demonstrate that your service cares for the environment and supports children to be environmentally responsible.


We’re saving disposable nappies from landfill every day!

Take a look at just how many nappies our clients have helped save from landfill!
Figures As At 30 October 2021

Harrison Early Childhood Centre

Wonderschool Conder

Wonderschool Throsby

Wattle Early Childhood Centre

Treehouse In The Park

Majura Early Childhood Centre

Wonderschool Dickson

Wonderschool Woden

Urban Education ELC

My Little Star

Frequently Asked Questions


What training and support is provided to early learning centres?

Prior to commencing use of your MCNs, your Nappy Service Relationship Manager will work with you to set up your business processes to enable success. On-site training will be provided on a weekly basis for up to four weeks from commencement of your service. If you have any issues after this time, just give us a call or email. We can also conduct additional site visits upon request.


Is Conder House enviromentally friendly?

Every business has an environmental footprint. We have processes in place that reduce it as much as possible. We only use bio-degradable chemicals and we have a solar system that is large enough to provide all of our daytime electricity usage. We also provide linen bags and nappy pail liners to clients to reduce the use of plastic bags.


How do you change the opinion of parents that think cloth nappies are unhygienic?

We find that in most cases education is the key. Once families understand that the nappies are being provided by a company that washes to hospital grade standards, they usually come on board. We will work with your centre to educate families on the process. Unfortunately though, there are some families that you just can’t convince. 


Do MCNs fit in with nappy changing policy?

Fortunately MCN use in early education aligns perfectly! MCNs need to be changed every two hours, which is consistent with early learning centre policies. In fact, you’ll find that the MCN processes put in place helps to reinforce adherence to your policy as it’s very obvious when a MCN has been left on too long! Your Nappy Service Relationship Manager will work with you to adjust your routine to meet your policies.


What standard do you wash to?

Our operations are in accordance with Australian and New Zealand standards for Laundry Practice (AS/NZS 4146:2000).

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Couldn’t recommend more highly! Wonderful service, have managed everything my household of 7 has thrown at them, and with a smile too. If you are thinking about using Conder House, don’t hesitate!

Started using Conder laundry & linen service a few weeks ago. I use the cloth nappies and couldn’t be more pleased! The nappies are easy to use soft around my 3 month olds legs and tummy. Keeps him almost 100% dry as the material keeps the liquid away from his skin. Never had any leaks and can’t believe how easy it is, I don’t need to do anything nappies are dropped off and used ones are picked up. Would definitely recommend!

I found the cleaned nappies really clean. I couldn’t have done it to that level myself and honestly trying to even wash nappies along with everything else i tried to keep running in first 6 weeks would have driven me mad… the cleaning service is the god send of this product offer.

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Conder House is pleased to announce that our Adult Face Masks are now available. 

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